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Kenny Education Services (KES) is one of the fastest growing education agents; full of many visions and passions to render professional academic services to ensure people achieve their dreams regarding their academic pursuits. KES have the passion to get people enlightened about travelling and studying abroad in other to benefit from the quality education offered by highly rated Universities and Colleges overseas. With this vision, KES started its operation in 2007. Our ever working , well-dedicated and experienced staff are always working round the clock to impact their personal skills through professional counselling and guidance regarding where to study, proper course to study, and where to have your holiday tour to keep your spirit, soul & body relaxed for the work ahead.

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In order to make our customers very comfortable, we have provided and safe and the cozy environment to render professional services to our clients in all our office locations. Our staff are friendly , accessible, and very patient to listen to the needs of our valued customers. These they do to ensure quality services are rendered with smiling on their faces at all times. Since the operation of KES, our determination to brighten and better people’s future, made us specialize in our services of expertise. Since then, we have inspired, innovated, and given peoples the right academic counsel for the future. This we do through our professional and experienced counselors. This unique, dynamic, and vibrant company have the passion of making peoples’ dreams come through.

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We are enthusiastic; Highly experienced/educated staffs; Full of passion for educational growth; Fight with all our experiences to eradicate illiteracy; We are focused; Nation/Leader builders.
Prompt in service delivery; Goal getters; Success assured; Mission accomplished; Raising leaders; Making people happy with their future careers.
Obey and stand on data protection policy; Fight against corruption; Ensure that you get the value for your money; Sacrificial for progress; Honesty in operation; Success is achievable; Dedicated to our services.